6 Outstanding Reasons to Buy a Toyota

Toyota cars are known the world over for quality and durability. Canada is no exception. When it comes to selling new cars, Toyota is a perennial leader.  Here’s are the six main reasons why.

1. Yaris: The True Street Car

Take legendary quality and reliability and wrap it with sleek European styling and you’ve got yourself a Yaris. Parallel hybrid technology and a 106-hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder help make Yaris one of the most efficient subcompacts on the road. Good visibility and Toyota’s suite of safety features make it one of the most comforting.

2. Corolla: Affordable and Irresistible

Always a great value for the money, the new Corolla combines an exciting design with advanced technology and safety features in a way that make it very hard to resist. The new Corolla is about as close to perfect as a compact sedan can get.

3. 86: Pure Excitement

The 86 is a true sports car. It uses aggressive styling, a Flat Boxer Engine, rear wheel drive, dual exhaust, and a 6.1” touchscreen to get you where you’re going in a hurry, and it does so in a way that just makes sense. Designed for the open road but comfortable in the city, you’ll want to take this one home to meet the parents.

4. Already Legendary, the new Prius Raise the Bar Even Further

Prius is an efficient, compact hybrid that comfortably seats five. With a sleek, sporty design on the outside, a soft-touch interior on the inside and a bevy of high tech features all around, the new Prius has raised the bar in the growing hybrid vehicle market. With the kind of good looks that command attention, this car has a powerful presence on the road.

5. Camry: The Best Just Got Even Better

The elegantly transformed Camry has been designed to dazzle like never before. With a wider stance, sharper styling, an engaging drive and amazingly technology, the midsize Camry and Camry Hybrid have the competition either seeing stars or choking in the dust. The 2018 Camry has truly taken things to a whole new level.

6. Avalon: Artistically Sculpted and Luxuriously Equipped.

The full-size Avalon sedan features a dynamic contemporary design, seats five comfortably, makes a number of new technological advances and generally rides like a dream. The 2018 Avalon sedan pampers its occupants at every turn.

Outstanding products aside, sales and service are what ultimately separate the wheat from the chaff. In these areas, Toyota car dealerships continue to rise above the rest.

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