Author: Otto

4 Things I Learnt After Being Harassed by Creditors

It’s no secret that bill collectors often use very aggressive tactics sometimes to chase after consumers. Many often times, they even manage to reel in payments even when no credit was owned, to begin with. Some practices like daily phone calls, contacting debtors late in the night, accosting friends and relatives, or even using threatening language all amount to illegal behavior. But then again, it all depends on the province or territory you’re located in and what kind of creditor you are dealing. An investigation done by the CBC News found that the employees of one U.S.-based debt-collection firm that

Five Tips for Dealing With a Hefty Auto Loan

When it comes to buying a car, you will realize the experience isn’t as simple as picking the favorite flavor of your ice cream. Northcash offers financial advice and lending services to clients looking to finance their next car purchase. Most car owners who had to deal with auto loans will testify that purchasing a new car comes with a lot of financial decisions, which might even discourage you from getting the car. The process gets complicated even after you have picked your preferred car and now have to handle the purchase. Just like any other long-term investments, a car can affect your financial security in the long term.