Which is the Best Electric Bike for you?

There are numerous benefits associated with electric bikes. Unlike the conventional bikes, this new breed of bikes allows you to save the environment, save some of your money and allows you to live a healthy life. This new invention allows you to save money on fuel, insurance fees, and tax. These bikes are designed for one individual alongside a small load. This is the reason behind the moderate speed and cost associated with these bikes. Putting into consideration that majority of people walk less than 20 miles to their place of work; these bikes can be used to go to work rather than driving. This will result in lesser congestion on our roads and a clean and quiet environment considering that they use lithium batteries that are affordable nowadays.

Available bikes in Canada
There are a variety of electric bikes in Canada that caters for your terrain. There are bikes that you can ride on open country roads, city streets and even mountain bike trails. The price, however, varies from one bike to another depending on its power and speed.

Italjet Ascot
This is a bike that resembles the vintage motorcycle. The bike has a limit of 15 miles per hour but can go faster depending on your leg power. Some of its key features include a retro-chic styling such as an inbuilt storage bag that allows you to carry a small load, leather handlebar tape, and brown bubble tires. The bike will cost you around $5025 on a retail price.

Yuba Spicy Curry
Among the e bikes, this is one of the largest and can carry a considerable load. This bike is, therefore, suitable for those who do their shopping using their bikes. With this e-bike, it’s also possible to carry another passenger so you can go shopping with your little ones. The LED lights is a guarantee that you will arrive home safely in case you decide to ride at night. With this size, this bike requires an electric boost and can cover up to 28 miles per hour. This is made possible by the Centerdrive 500-watt motor that comes along with the bike. On a retail price, the Yuba Spicy Curry goes for around $4,200.

Kalkhoff Sahel 8R HS
This is the bike that caters for those living in small apartments where getting a parking space for a bike is trouble. Noticeably, the Kalkhoff is the most compact bike leave alone the lightest. The bike has been designed with amazing features such as swiveling handlebars and folding pedals. The bike weighs 50 pounds and will cost you around $3,499 on retail price.

People buy electric bikes depending on their needs and pocket. Rest assured that if you invest in an e bike, not only will you be saving on fuel but you will be saving on the environment as there will be no emissions. If you cannot decide on which bike to buy, ask around and dealers will recommend the best bike for you. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at Scooteretti.

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