Seven key services provided by a locksmith

Most people are unaware of the broad spectrum of services locksmith Toronto can provide. Here are the seven most common.

Most people are unaware of the broad spectrum of services locksmiths can provide. Here are the seven most common.

1. They cut keys.

Regardless of the type of lock a key is designed to open, a locksmith will provide key cutting services, either by duplicating your existing key, or if you’ve lost the key without having a duplicate, by creating a new one to match your lock.

2. They unlock your doors when you’ve locked your keys inside.

You shut the door. It’s locked, and your keys are inside. Crap. You can either break a window to gain access, or you can call a locksmith to pick the door lock. Thankfully, they almost always can.

3. They rekey locks.

If you’ve moved to a new place and are worried about the security of your locks, rekeying them is more convenient and less costly than replacing them. A professional locksmith can alter the configuration of pins and springs inside your existing lock so that the original key no longer works. Then, he will cut new keys that match the reconfigured lock.

4. They repair or replace broken hardware.

Though rekeying is an inexpensive and effective way to change your locks, it is not always an adequate solution to lock trouble. Locksmiths can determine whether or not a damaged lock can be fixed. If not, they can recommend new hardware to replace the old. The Lock-Up Services Inc website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

5. They install new locks

Locksmiths can also install new door locks, including deadbolt locks, either to replace an existing lock or to add a lock where there were none before. He can make recommendations on the best type of locks and handles to meet your needs, and he can install them professionally.

6. They handle all things auto

Most people have locked their keys in their car at least once. Others do it all the time. Locksmiths can do more than just help you gain entry into your vehicle, they can also program key fobs, reproduce transponder or branded “chip” keys that are required to disarm the immobilizers present in the majority of cars built after 1995, and they can repair faulty door and ignition locks.

7. They secure you home or business

Locksmiths offer a wide range of security products for your home and business. From remote alarm and camera systems to video intercoms, keyless entry locks, door closer and exit devices an automatic door opener for privacy seekers or the mobility challenged which can be set up to work on any door in your home, right down to full access keypack lock systems.

Locksmiths work at one of the world’s oldest professions. But they’re still as relevant as ever.

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